Every woman is concerned about her menstrual cycle for her overall reproductive health. The regular menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days but female bodies don't work clockwise all the time. They might face menstrual problems like delays or irregular periods. At least 3 in 10 women report having experience irregular periods, especially during their childbearing age. As per Ayurveda, the menstrual cycle is affected by three doshas that are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By understanding and treating the dominant doshas in the body, women can regulate their periods. It needs certain changes in the diet and lifestyle. As per Ayurveda texts, the imbalance of Vata dosha is the primary reason for irregular periods. The causes of the imbalance of Vata Dosha are stress, improper diet, long-term illnesses, lack of physical exercise, over-exertion, and certain medications. Ayurvedic herbs and herbo-mineral compounds that maintain the balance of Vata dosha are Ashoka, Chandan, Mulathi, Hingula, Lodhra, Shatavari, Dhatki, Ulat Kambal, Naagkesar, Mandoor Bhasma, Mayaphala, Amla, and Sonth. They work on the women's uterine system and helps to regulate the periods. All these herbs and roots are the organic way to treat women's reproductive system issues. Ayurvedic Medicines For Irregular & Painful Periods, like Rajodarshini, Rajapravartini, Chandanasava, Ashokaristha, Mulathi Churna, and Mandoor Bhasma can be consumed along with buttermilk or rice washed water for better results. Among all the herbs, Ashoka is considered as the queen of herbs for the health of the female reproductive system as the word 'Ashoka' means 'Remover of Sorrows'. The decoction made with the bark of the Ashoka tree effectively works in treating irregular periods. Mulethi also proved as an effective herb to treat irregular periods when consumed with rice water. Brands associated with Herbal & Unani Medicines For Irregular & Painful Periods are Himalaya, Sandu, Dhootpapeshwar, Charak, Multani, Baidyanath, Dabur, Chirayu, Zandu, Patanjali, Vyas Pharmaceuticals, Tikaram Naturals, Hamdard, Rex, Sadar, Dawakhana, and New Shama. You can buy some of the effective and popular Ayurvedic medicines for Irregular and Painful menstrual only at Healthy Bazar.

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