Leucorrhoea is caused by excessive discharge of a white, foul-smelling, and sticky material from the vagina. Every woman might have experienced some sort of vaginal discharge in her life span. White discharge with different issues like weakness, pain in the body or calves, loss of vital fluids, pruritis on or around the vulva, thigh pain, etc are the symptoms of Leucorrhoea. When it comes to Ayurveda, Leucorrhoea is known as Shweta Pradar. Here the word Shweta means 'White' and Pradar means ‘Discharge’. When Kapha dosha is aggravated because of its vitiating factors, it produces white and painless vaginal discharge. The dominance of Kapha dosha properties occurs by vitiating the Rasa Dhatu (body fluids) of the reproductive system. Shweta Pradar is the main reason for various factors such as excessive coitus, abortion, improper mode of life, and dietetics during menstruation. It also causes Ritukala, which means non-cleanliness of the vagina. The treatment comprises restoring the digestive fire of the body to cleanse the accumulated toxins and balance Kapha. In these situations, Rejuvenating herbs are recommended to tone the reproductive system. The various Ayurvedic medicines for Leucorrhoea consist of Varti (suppositories), Dhupan (incensing), Prakshalan (cleansing), and Pichu (swab). Ayurveda also recommends some home remedies such as coriander seeds strained water, rice washed water and jaggery. Various Ayurvedic herbs and Herbo-Mineral compounds that work on the female uterine system are Amalaki, Chopchini, Ashoka Chaal, Gandhaka, Gambhari, Lodhra, Dhatki, Khadir, Udumber, Haridra, Gokshur, Palash, Vidanga, Lauh Bhasm, Agnimantha, Nagakesar, Daruharidra, and Shatavari. They help to maintain the balance of Kapha Dosha and stop the white discharge from the vagina. Some formulations of Ayurvedic medicines for leucorrhea are Triphala Guggul, Kaishore Guggul, Chandraprabha Vati, Pradrantaka Loha, Gandhaka Rasayan, Lodhrasava, Ashokaristha, and Chitrakadi Vati. Brands that are associated with Herbal & Unani Medicine For Leucorrhoea are Himalaya, Sandu, Dhootpapeshwar, Charak, Multani, Baidyanath, Dabur, Chirayu, Zandu, Patanjali, Vyas Pharmaceuticals, Tikaram Naturals, Hamdard, Rex, Sadar, Dawakhana, and New Shama. You can buy some of the effective and popular Ayurvedic medicines for Leucorrhora only at Healthy Bazar.

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