Ano-Rectal is a disorder that can be found in people from youngsters to seniors. Among all the anorectal disorders, piles fissure and fistula are most common. Piles can be described as bleeding or prolapsing of the rectum during defecation. In all anorectal disorders, sluggish digestion is one of the major concerns. More common causes for piles include excessive indulgence in sexual activities, physical strain, consuming non-vegetarian, and drinking alcohol. In Ayurveda, Piles is termed as “Arsha''. It is a condition in which a fleshy mass of variable size, (varies in size, shape, and color) can be seen in the anus. In Ayurveda, Arsha treatment may be divided into two groups as Shushkarsh (dry piles) and Sravi Arsh (exudating piles). As per Ayurveda, Kshara Karma is an excellent method to approach to treat hemorrhoids by some changes in diet and lifestyle. The patient should include a high-fiber diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Also, try to include cereals, beans, brown rice, nuts, and seeds in the diet. Along with that, some Yoga Asanas like Janu Sirsasana, Sarvangasana, Ardha Navasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana also work effectively. Ayurvedic medicines for piles consist of ayurvedic herbs like Chitrak, Dhanyak, Usheer, Sunthi, Haritaki, Triphala, Arjun, Kutaj, Neem, Daruharidra, Naagkesar, Mishri, Marich, Agastya, Bhallataka, Kasis, Harad, Gulkand, and Anjeer. Ayurvedic formulations for piles are Triphala Churna, Abhyaristha, Vidangaristha, Chitrakadi Vati, Arshakuthar Ras, Usheerasava, and Kanchnaar Guggul. Among all these medications, Triphala Churna consists of specialized Phyto-constituents and vitamin C. They not only help to evacuate the bowel but also work as an excellent antioxidant, preventing the occurrence of piles and fistula. Kshara Sutra procedure is a surgical procedure of Ayurveda that has been found minimally invasive and low cost. It contains little risk of adverse effects. Brands associated with Herbal & Unani Medicines For Piles are Himalaya, Sandu, Dhootpapeshwar, Charak, Multani, Baidyanath, Dabur, Chirayu, Zandu, Patanjali, Vyas Pharmaceuticals, Tikaram Naturals, Hamdard, Rex, Sadar, Dawakhana, and New Shama. You can buy some of the effective and popular Ayurvedic medicines for Piles only at Healthy Bazar.

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