Bansa Hara | Adusa | Vasaka

Tikaram Naturals (टीकाराम नेचुरल्स)

Bansa Hara | Adusa | Vasaka (बांसा हरा | अडूसा)

Adusa Bansa detoxifies the blood, treats bleeding disorders, acts as cardiac tonic.

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Adusa Bansa's leaves, roots, seeds and as well as whole plant is used in the Ayurveda. It balances the kapha and Pitta Doshas and helps in the treatment of all the ailmets arising from the imbalance of these two Doshas. It detoxifies the blood, treats bleeding disorders, and act as acrdiac tonic. Adusa Bansa is useful in the treatmento of chronic respiratory diseases like cough, congestion, asthma, bronchitis, and many more such problem. You can use prescribes dosages of Adusa Bnasa to treat urinary tract disorders, diabetes, anorexia, inflammation, pain, rheumatoid, arthritis, skin disorders, liver disorders, and worm infestation.