About Us

Healthybazar rises from a 100 year old firm which is working in promoting traditional Indian medicine and life-style. We believe in passing the benefits to our customers through knowledge and profit sharing. is a knowledge-based market place, where we are not only selling Indian Herbal products (Ayurvedic, Unani, and Natural), Oils, Healthy food items, and daily use items etc., but also sharing knowledge on healthy living and natural way of healing.

Our Vision is to make people Healthy and Happy by spreading awareness about ancient and natural life-style, and making these rare herbs, medicines, and items available to your door-step in time.

We believe in preventive life-style, and re-iterate that "Precaution is better than cure". And, we promote everyone to adopt a healthy life-style and good-habits, to avoid health issues. For this, we are committed to share the knowledge.

Why Herbal/Natural healing for healthy life?

The ancient holistic system of natural healing is the oldest healthcare system in the world. Aurveda and Unani are known for the science of natural healing, because it derives its medicines purely from nature. They not only deal with curing common and chronic diseases, but also deals with the root cause of the problem and it's a permanent cure in most of the cases!

These focuses on guiding human beings to maintain health by using the inherent principles of nature to bring an individual back into equilibrium with his or her true self. This wisdom offers life-enhancing practices as well as herbal medicinal preparations for the health and well-being of the whole human being: body, mind, and soul.

The natural sciences recommends Herbs to supplement the nutritional requirements on a regular basis to build and maintain a healthy physiology. As some of the herbs are now recognized to be the most potent and powerful adaptogens on the planet -- and since stress is now known to be a significant factor in over 80 percent of all illnesses -- these herbs are essential in any health program designed to promote and maintain a healthy human body.

The ancient tradition also suggests specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines as well as specific medicinal herbs to assist the individual in reducing and rebalancing the body's imbalance. It also describe the medicinal attributes of many herbs and their correct usage to compliment and hasten the healing process, and to strengthen the body's organs and systems.

It is strange to know that herbal medicines are far safer than allopathic medicines in concern of side effects, acute and severe allergic reactions and liver or kidney diseases due to medicines. Herbal medicines never cause liver dysfunction, kidney failure and ulceration in the stomach.

Thus, when Herbal or Natural medicines are consistently used as the first line of treatment, we see excellent results as the treatments and medicines not only eradicate the disease from its root, but also enhance the body's level of health and immunity. This approach must always be coupled with diet and lifestyle adjustments to minimize the body's toxic load and maximize removal of wastes.

We promote the ancient herbal and natural medicine system, and emphasize that "prevention is better than cure".