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Tikaram Naturals

Jeevanti | Jivanti

Jeevanti is useful in skin infections, wounds, cardia diseases, fever


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Jeevanti is used to treat various skin infections, wounds, and unwanted miscarriages in women. It is recommended to treat general debility, cardia diseases, fever, ophthalmia, hemorrhage. Dosage-as directed by a physician. It directly targets the root cause of the disease and is quite effective in relieving the symptoms soon after indigestion. There are very few chances of the reoccurrence of the symptoms or the disease itself. As it is a herbal remedy, there are a few to none side effects. It is extensively used in the treatment because of its availability as well as cost-effectiveness. It is advised to take controlled dosages only after consulting your doctor for people of all age groups.


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Jeevanti Leaves And Roots Are Useful In Treating Skin Infections And Wounds. T Heir Major Use Is To Prevent Prolapse Of Uterus And Vulva In Controlling Habitual Abortion In Women. The Roots Are Used In Cardiac Disease And Haemorrhage, As Diuretic, And To Cure Fever And Opthalmia. They Are Also Used As A Tonic For General Debility To Strengthen The Body. Leaves Are Also Used As Galactagogue For Nursing Mothers. Kidney And Renal Health: Jeevanti Works As Diuretic And Helps In Preventing Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Infections And Other Renal Disorders. It Works By Increasing The Renal Clearance Of Sodium, Potassium And Chloride Ions. Prevents Burning Micturition And Dysuria (Painful Urination). Provides General Strength And Vitality To The Body. It Is Commonly Recommended To People With Weak Health (Emaciation) And Lack Of Energy. Used To Treat Various Skin Infections (Ringworm And Others) And Wounds. Helps In Treating Nose, Ear And Throat Infections. It Also Prevents Cold, Asthma, Dyspnoea, Cough And Fever. Useful Remedy In Some Eye Ailments And Infections. Improves Digestion, Treat Constipation, Colitis And Rejuvenate The Whole Body. It Also Increases Appetite, Cures Dyspepsia And Indigestion. Works As An Aphrodisiac And Prevents Other Sexual Diseases. Improves Normal Voice And Alleviates Vata, Pitta And Kapha Doshas. It Has Strong Anti-fungal And Anti-bacterial Activity. Helpful In Menstrual Cramps, Scanty And Painful Menses. Prevents Problems In Conceiving And Abortions. It Improves Lactation And Helps To Stimulate Milk Production.

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