Published 28-04-2023

Ayurvedic Treatment To Control Heart Blockage


Ayurvedic Treatment To Control Heart Blockage

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The heart is one of the three primary marmas (vital organs) in Ayurveda. Various types of srotas (channels) control how different substances, including prana, dhatus (tissues), energy, and waste, travel through the body (life air). The crucial one is prana vaha srotas, which controls how prana moves throughout the body. The heart is where prana vaha' srotas originates. All the main blood vessels come from the heart. It also has a connection to ojas, the life force that maintains a person's consciousness or soul and keeps them alive. The significance of the heart is emphasised by modern science as well. Our ayurvedic treatment for heart blockage is a 100% result-oriented programme that heals this condition in three to six months. 

Common Symptoms of bloodlessness Heart Problem-  

When a person is active and under a lot of stress, the heart requires even more blood supply, but when the coronary artery is blocked, there is a lack of blood supply to the heart muscles, which is known as bloodlessness heart disease. The following are some of the most common symptoms of ischemic heart disease:-

* Irregular heart rhythm

* Shortness of breath

* Angina pain

* Tightness in chest


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Heart Blockage Therapy with Ayurveda-

Modern medicine offers a variety of treatments for heart blockages, but the Ayurveda approach is unique because it doesn't need surgery. A treated or resolved cause of an acquired heart block may sometimes make it go away. For instance, a heart block that develops after a heart attack or surgery may vanish as you heal. Also, if a medicine is causing heart block, the problem may go away if the medicine is withdrawn or the dosage is adjusted. Before making any changes to the way you take your medications, always consult your doctor.

Ayurvedic medicine primarily highlights the importance of taking good care of your heart by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A person who has surgery is immobile for at least two months. The patient must adhere to our recommended lifestyle adjustments and therapies blindly for the full two months that we at AAPRC offer Ayurveda treatment for cardiac issues. Only then will the patient see amazing outcomes.


Taking Care of Your Heart-


Undigested food ama is the primary cause of all heart disease, according to Ayurveda. Hence, if we have a hunger for three chapatis, we should only consume one, or one-third of what we can realistically eat.

1. Eat light, particularly during dinner. Eat spicy foods, acidic foods, and fried foods in proportion.

2.Nowadays, everything we consume has chemical additives and preservatives, making it crucial for our bodies to detoxify. At least once a year, detoxify your body.

3. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you should stay away from red meat and non-vegetarian foods. Because these kinds of high-protein foods take a long time to digest and also cause stomach toxins, they should be consumed.

4. White flour products like maida should be avoided because they can cause heart issues.

5. Keep away of butter because it includes unsaturated fats that raise harmful cholesterol. In Ayurveda, using desi ghee in traditional cooking is advocated because it's necessary for the intestines to operate normally. For the intestines to work normally, 5 grams of desi ghee per day is sufficient.

6. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be encouraged, but processed foods should be avoided at all costs. Ayurvedic diets recommend buttermilk/chach.

7. Sugar should be consumed in moderation or replaced with honey or jaggery (gud).

8. We've already mentioned the satavic manna, or relaxation and mental satisfaction, which is essential for a healthy heart. Every day, practise yoga and pranayama (breathing practises) for longevity. Do meditation for at least 30 minutes to keep your mind in a satavic state.


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Maintaining heart health and preventing heart disease needs a disciplined lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicine can heal heart disease and prevent it. HealthyBazar offers inexpensive audio and video consultations with licenced doctors and other healthcare specialists from all around India who can help address a variety of critical health conditions without causing any negative side effects. You may keep a healthy heart by adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, finding ways to manage your stress, and quitting smoking. Healthy Bazar provides top-notch online ayurvedic medical consultations as well as insightful lifestyle suggestions for preserving good health and treating chronic conditions. Before making significant lifestyle changes or beginning any medication, it is advisable to consult with an ayurvedic specialist. These experts are the best suited to help and guide you towards achieving a state of healthy living. 

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