Published 28-01-2022

Buy Herbal Products: Take Your Health a Step Ahead


Buy Herbal Products: Take Your Health a Step Ahead

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal is a renowned Ayurvedic physician, Panchakarma therapies specialist, and detox expert who has made significant contributions to the field of natural holistic healing and wellness. With her profound knowledge, expertise, and compassionate approach, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals seeking holistic health solutions. She is a Panchakarma expert, which are ancient detoxification and rejuvenation techniques. She believes in the power of Ayurveda to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

The use of Herbal medicines continues to rapidly expand across the world. Many people worldwide are now using these products for the treatment of different health problems. The past decade has seen a huge surge in acceptance and public interest in herbal products. This trend is prevalent in developing as well as developed countries. In India, Herbal, Ayurvedic and Unani products are not only available in drug stores, but also in supermarkets and food stores. Estimates say that up to four billion people (which is 80% of the world’s population) living in the developing world buy herbal products, as a primary source of healthcare.

Even the West has Embraced Herbal Products

According to NCBI, the use of herbal products has been widely accepted in many developed countries, with CAMs (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) now becoming mainstream in the UK, the rest of Europe, North America, and Australia. The UK has had a historical tradition of using herbal medicines for treating diseases. The use of herbal medicines is also well established and widespread in some other European countries.

In developed countries, there are many reasons for seeking herbal therapy, but the most important is the belief that it promotes healthier living. So, herbal products and medicines are viewed as a balanced and moderate approach to healing. Individuals who use them as over-the-counter drugs and home remedies, spend huge amounts of money. This explains why the sales of herbal medicines and products keep shooting up.

The use of herbal products continues to grow in the world, and many more new products are being introduced in the market. The public health concerns and issues regarding their safety are also being widely recognized. Therefore, it has become essential to provide the general public, including healthcare professionals with genuine information. This would help provide a better understanding of the risks associated with the use of herbal products. It would also ensure that all medicines are of good quality and safe for consumption.

What Makes Herbal Products So Popular Among People?

What Makes Herbal Products So Popular Among People

Basically, herbal remedies comprise portions of plants or unpurified plant extracts that contain different constituents. These are generally believed to work together in synergy. People’s increased interest in herbal remedies has been attributed to several factors like:

  • Various claims on the effectiveness of plant medicines
  • Consumers prefer natural therapies and a deeper interest in alternative medicines
  • A belief that herbal products are healthier than synthetic chemical-based  products
  • Disappointment with the results from conventional pharmaceuticals
  • The idea that herbal medicines could help in the treatment of certain diseases, where standard medicines and therapies have proven ineffective or inadequate
  • Side Effects of Modern Drugs
  • Improvements in the safety, efficacy, and quality of herbal medicines with the development of science & technology
  • A patient’s belief that their physicians haven’t identified their problem accurately; makes them believe that herbal products are a better option.
  • A tendency of self-medication

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, marketing strategies, well-devised efforts by manufacturers of herbal products & their sales representatives seriously project herbal products as trustworthy. Also, advertisements in the mass media have hugely increased consumers’ awareness, which has made herbal products more credible.

How Regulatory Policies Influence the Safety of Herbal Products

A majority of the problems associated with the use of herbal medicines arise from the classification of many of these products either as foods or dietary supplements. As such, evidence of efficacy, quality, and safety of these herbal medicines is not required before marketing. Also, quality tests and production standards seem to be less rigorous or controlled. In some cases, traditional health practitioners may not be licensed or certified. Therefore, the safety of Ayurvedic, Unani and other herbal medicines is a major concern to the general public and health authorities.

Like conventional allopathic medicines, when you have to buy herbal products, remember that licensed herbal medicines hold a product license based on their quality, safety, and efficacy. Thus, it is compulsory that they are accompanied by all-inclusive information such as indications, precautions, side effects, how to store the product, how to use the product, and other regulatory information.

Be Careful Before You Buy Herbal Products

Be Careful Before You Buy Herbal Products

Before you buy herbal products,  it is important to know about the quality of the source materials used in herbal medicines. This, to a large extent, determines the safety and efficacy of these products. It is the responsibility of manufacturers of herbal products to ensure that the claims about their products aren't misleading or false and that they are backed up by satisfactory evidence.

Be a smart consumer and don’t just rely on a product's marketing. Look for research-based objective information to test a product's claims. To get genuine information about a product:

  • Ask a pharmacist or doctor. If they don't know about certain products, they may be able to tell you about the latest medical guidance about their uses and risks.
  • Always look for scientific research findings. HealthyBazar helps consumers make informed choices about how to buy herbal products.
  • Contact the manufacturer if need be. In case, you have questions about a certain product, call the distributor or manufacturer. Try to speak with someone who has the knowledge and can answer your questions, like what sort of data does the company have to validate its claims.


The use of herbal products and medicines continues to increase. In recent times, issues relating to adverse reactions are also coming to the fore. Just bear in mind that certain guidelines must be followed before using any Herbal, Ayurvedic or Unani product. Experts suggest that if you need it to work, there’s an order you must follow. It’s not just about what you consume, but how and when is important too. The human body is precious and ought to be respected. Similarly, Herbal medicines work when taken with care. For example, certain medications need to be mixed with milk, and some with warm water. Some may require an alteration in lifestyle, and in some instances, doctors make diet recommendations. Choose wisely. Visit healthybazar if you are looking to buy herbal products - and take your health a step ahead.

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2022

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