Published 27-12-2023

Exploring the Power of Mumsik Benazir for Male Health


Exploring the Power of Mumsik Benazir for Male Health

Dr. Asfiya Najmi

A graduate from Hamdard University, Dr Asfiya is dedicated to providing natural treatments and comfort to every patient through her extensive knowledge and experience. In addition to medical practice, she has a passion for playing volleyball and chess.

Understanding the unique challenges surrounding male sexual health requires a compassionate exploration of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects intertwined within the masculine experience. Hamdard Mumsik Benazir stands as a testament to the age-old wisdom in Unani medicine, offering targeted relief for a range of male sexual concerns such as premature ejaculation that often extends beyond the surface into the realms of stress-induced challenges and intimate health issues. 

Unani medicine, also known as Yunani medicine, is a traditional system of medicine that has its roots in ancient Greece and was later developed and refined in the Islamic world. The term "Unani" is derived from the Greek word "Ionia," reflecting its origin in the Ionian region of ancient Greece. 

Importance of Unani Medicines

The importance of Unani medicine lies in several aspects, such as: 

1. Holistic Approach: Unani medicine follows a holistic approach to healthcare. It considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual to maintain a balance in the body and achieve overall well-being. 

2. Individualized Treatment: Unani medicine recognizes that each person is unique and responds differently to treatments. It emphasizes individualized and personalized care, taking into account a person's temperament, lifestyle, and overall health. 

3. Natural Healing: All the natural remedies are derived from plants, minerals, and animal products. The emphasis of Unani is on using natural substances to promote healing and restore balance in the body. 

4. Balancing the Humors: Unani medicine is based on the theory of the four humors—blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. According to Unani principles, diseases occur when there is an imbalance in these humors, and the treatment aims to restore this balance. 

5. Preventive and Curative: Beyond merely treating diseases, Unani medicine places equal emphasis on preventive measures to maintain health. It incorporates dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and herbal formulations to proactively prevent illnesses and promote overall well-being. 

6. Integration of Greek and Islamic Traditions: Unani medicine is an amalgamation of Greek, Roman, Persian, and Islamic medical traditions. This synthesis of knowledge and practices from various cultures enriches it, creating a diverse and comprehensive system of medicine. 

7. Treatment of Chronic Diseases: Unani medicine is frequently employed for addressing chronic conditions and lifestyle-related diseases. It offers alternative and complementary approaches to manage ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders. 

8. Regulation and Standardization: In countries like India and Pakistan, Unani medicine enjoys recognition and regulation by health authorities. Rigorous efforts are made to standardize formulations, ensuring the safety and efficacy of Unani medicines. 

9. Global Recognition: Extending beyond its traditional regions, Unani medicine has gained global recognition and is practiced in diverse parts of the world. Its acceptance contributes significantly to the diversity of healthcare options available on a global scale. 

Holistic Approach of Hamdard Mumsik Benazir in Male Sexual Health

Mumsik Benazir, a sexual stamina supplement, is a harmonious blend of key ingredients that reflects the holistic principles of Unani medicine. Kharateen Musaffa, Maghz Badam Shrin, Warul Khayl, Afyun, Amber, Majun Jalali, Shahad, and Rogan Dhatura combine to address various aspects of male reproductive health. This formulation acknowledges the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, recognizing stress-induced problems as potential contributors to intimate health challenges. These ingredients are known for their vitality-boosting qualities, addressing specific concerns related to male reproductive health, and also helping in managing stress-induced problems. 

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Properties Of Mumsik Benazir

Benefits of Mumsik Benazir

Unani herbal formulation is primarily used for its potential benefits in male sexual wellness. The formulation contains natural ingredients, including herbs, and is designed to address issues related to vitality, libido, and overall reproductive health. Remember that individual responses to herbal supplements can vary, and it's crucial to use such products under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. Some potential benefits associated with Mumsik Benazir are as follows: 

  • Rejuvenation and Vitalization: With a belief in its rejuvenating prowess, Mumsik Benazir is thought to infuse the body with revitalizing energy. This potential not only targets specific concerns but also contributes to an overall sense of vitality and vigor.
  • Aphrodisiac Properties: Mumsik Benazir is steeped in tradition for its renowned aphrodisiac properties, offering a time-tested solution to heighten sexual desire and bolster libido in men.
  • Nurturing Male Reproductive Health: Enriched with ingredients like Kharateen Musaffa and Maghz Badam Shrin, Mumsik Benazir is a commonly used traditional medicine for fostering male reproductive health. This includes potential enhancements in sperm count, motility, and overall reproductive function.
  • Stress Alleviation: Harnessing the power of adaptogenic herbs such as Shahad and Rogan Dhatura, Mumsik Benazir extends its reach beyond the physical. These ingredients are known for their stress-relieving properties, indirectly contributing to an improved state of sexual wellness.
  • Boosting Energy and Stamina: The formulation doesn't just stop at addressing specific concerns; it extends its benefits to physical stamina and endurance. Mumsik Benazir may play a role in elevating energy levels, providing a holistic approach to well-rounded vitality.
  • Holistic Tonic for Overall Health: Recognized as more thpran a specific remedy, Laboob Musli Khas is often hailed as a tonic for overall health. Its comprehensive support extends to various bodily functions, emphasizing a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Mumsik Benazir boasts an herbal composition that reads like a nutrient-rich symphony. Laden with various nutrients, this formulation isn't just a remedy; it's a nourishing elixir for overall well-being, amplifying the holistic benefits it imparts.

Important Considerations and Directions for Use

While Mumsik Benazir holds promising benefits, it's crucial to use herbal supplements under the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Individual responses may vary, and results are not guaranteed. Directions for use suggest taking 1 gram with milk or as advised by a healthcare professional. 


The actual sexual health involves respect, safety and freedom from discrimination and violence. These factors often worsen the issues and make them worse. The key to unlocking the comprehensive benefits lies not just in the formulation but in understanding individual health needs. Consider consulting with an expert in Unani medicine and natural treatments at HealthyBazar. Dr. Asfiya Najmi, an accomplished Unani Practitioner and Consultant, graduated from Hamdard University. She is a healer with a genuine commitment to providing natural treatments, ensuring comfort for every patient. For those seeking a trusted source for wellness products and advice, explore HealthyBazar, your go-to destination for natural and holistic solutions. Your well-being deserves nothing less than the best from the rich heritage of Unani medicine. 

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