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Swarna Bhasma: Price, Benefits, Ingredients, Uses & Side Effects


Swarna Bhasma: Price, Benefits, Ingredients, Uses & Side Effects

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal is a renowned Ayurvedic physician, Panchakarma therapies specialist, and detox expert who has made significant contributions to the field of natural holistic healing and wellness. With her profound knowledge, expertise, and compassionate approach, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals seeking holistic health solutions. She is a Panchakarma expert, which are ancient detoxification and rejuvenation techniques. She believes in the power of Ayurveda to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Swarna, also known as Suvarna, is a Sanskrit word that signifies "gold." Bhasmas are medicinal formulations created from pure metals or minerals that are finely powdered. Healing with metals like gold and silver has been Ayurveda's most powerful remedy for addressing various serious health issues. Swarna Bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine that comes in powder form and is gold. It contains colloidal and Nano-gold particles. 98% of its particles are made up of 24-carat gold, making it one of the remedies in Ayurveda with high metal and mineral content. 

Hema, Kanchana, and Kanaka are alternative names for this medicine. Rejuvenation (restoring youthful energy), cleaning (blood detoxification), and aphrodisiac properties (to produce arousal) are some of the key qualities of Swarna Bhasma. These qualities of Swarna Bhasma help people live longer and stay younger. 

Swarna Bhasma’s benefits are not restricted to one body part but work for the body's overall health and improve the body's natural functions as a whole. It treats the brain, nerves, lungs, mind, heart, blood vessels, eyes, small intestine, big intestine, ovaries, and testicles, to name a few organs. It balances the three doshas (Tridosha) as per Ayurveda, i.e., Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. But it primarily affects the Pitta dosha. Tissues on which it acts in the body are plasma (Rasa), blood (Rakta), muscles (Mamsa), and semen (Shukra). 

Swarna Bhasma is beneficial for treating diseases including Asthma, Arthritis, Cardiovascular problems, Infertility, and Nervous system disorders. The benefits of Swarna Bhasma are discussed further. 

Swarna Bhasma - Benefits and Uses

Swarna Bhasma's benefits are listed below. 

  1. Prevents Cardiac Disease: Swarna Bhasma is the best tonic for your heart’s health. It assists in providing strength to the heart and heart muscles. It helps in blood circulation, detoxification of blood, and clearing arteries.
  2. Purification of Blood: Our body tends to accumulate toxins generated due to indigestion and other infections. These accumulated toxins in our body can invite severe diseases. Since ancient times Gold ash has been used in Ayurveda to detoxify blood from the toxins. Swarna Bhasma removes all these unwanted toxins from the body and purifies the blood.
  3. Aids in Tuberculosis: Swarna Bhasma is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for tuberculosis (TB) treatment. It contains antibacterial, antitoxic, and antiviral properties. The antibacterial property aids in the destruction of tubercle bacilli responsible for the infection. It also helps reduce the disease's symptoms, such as fever, muscular atrophy, and weakness, and helps strengthen a person's immunity.
  4. Helpful in Curing Mental Disorders: Gold ash helps minimize anxiety, inattention, ignorance, irritability, dissatisfaction, isolation from others, inability to relax, etc. It is effective in depression and relieves the symptoms of a person who is constantly brooding. In this case, Swarna Bhasma should be given with Mukta Pishti (an Ayurvedic mineral formulation that is the purest source of calcium) and Abhrak Bhasma (a classic ayurvedic formulation that employs the use of calcined mica ash for treating health issues). Note: Consult your physician before consuming this.
  5. For Dry Cough: Swarna bhasma, combined with Shringa Bhasma, Praval Pishti, and Giloy Sat, effectively removes difficult mucus from the lungs, relaxing breathing curing dry and unwanted cough.
  6. Cures Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes, characterized by redness, watery discharge, burning sensation in the eyes, itching in the eyes, etc. In this case, Swarna Bhasma is given along with Mukta Pishti, Praval Pishti, and Giloy Sat. Note: Consult your physician before consuming this.
  7. For Skin: It acts as an aid on chronic skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Atrophic Dermatitis. Swarna Bhasma makes your skin glow, prevents wrinkles, and slows down aging.
  8. For Sexual Health: Sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation disorders are all cured by Swarna Bhasma. The beneficial properties of Swarna Bhasma act as an aphrodisiac (to produce arousal) and improve low sperm count, abnormalities, stamina, and increase fertility.
  9. For Arthritis: According to a report, in 2040 more than 550% of population will suffer from arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease.  It's called Amavata in Ayurveda. Amavata is a condition caused by a Vata dosha imbalance in the body. The formation of Ama (toxic residue in the body due to improper digestion) in the joints goes hand in hand with an imbalanced Vata. Ama is formed as a result of a weakened digestive fire. Vata carries it to various regions of the body. This Ama does not get absorbed by the body and builds up in the joints. Swarna Bhasma helps reduce excess Ama as it has the property of Deepan (hunger reviver). It helps relieve the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis like joint pain and swelling.
  10. Some other general benefits: Swarna Bhasma improves immunity. It is the best medicine for people suffering from low appetite, poor memory, or premature greying of hair. Cancer patients can also benefit from Swarna Bhasma. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and boosts immunity to battle undesired tissue growth.
Swarna Bhasma - Benefits and Uses

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There are various methods for the preparation of Swarna Bhasma. Refined gold leaf is crushed with lemon juice with a paste of Rasa Sindhura, a mercurial compound. It is then kept in an airtight container and heated in the absence of air at 400-500 degrees Celsius for 4-5 hours. Also, this classical Ayurvedic method is often used to turn it into gold and give it a therapeutic form to remove the unwanted effects of the precious gold.


There are many brands available for Swarna Bhasma on HealthyBazar. Based on quantity and quality, the Swarna Bhasma price range exists from Rupees 115 - 1823. Visit here to check the Swarna Bhasma price 1gm and descriptions for each brand.

Side - Effects and Precautions

  • There are no side effects of Swarna Bhasma if you take it in the prescribed dose as per your Ayurvedic Consultant. However, if taken in excess quantities than required by your body, it may cause toxicity.
  • Avoid using it for more than nine months in a row.
  • Like any other medicine, keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Women breastfeeding their children must not take this medicine without consulting with their consultant.
  • Diabetic patients must take this medicine only after expert consultation regarding the dosage, as Swarna Bhasma is sweet in taste.
  • People suffering from Hypertension and taking medication must not consume this medicine without consulting their Ayurvedic Consultant.
Side - Effects and Precautions


Swarna Bhasma is a medicine that can treat a variety of ailments simultaneously. It is good for your health and Swarna Bhasma price for 1gm varies brand to brand. However, one must determine the appropriate dosage only after consultation with an Ayurvedic Consultant. The world's most skilled Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend Swarna Bhasma. Have you ever tried it? If not, would you like to try it? Do share your experience and thoughts. Find lifestyle tips and Ayurvedic products at HealthyBazar. All the products on-site are genuine, and one can also consult with the best ayurvedic and Unani doctors. 

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