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Tikaram Naturals


Anjeer improves digestion, aids weight loss, reduces the risk of heart and kidney ailments.


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Anjeer is rich in fiber; hence it is good for our digestive system and aids in weight loss. According to a study, figs are rich in potassium and are linked to a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, blood sugar, heart, and kidney ailments. In ancient times, Anjeer was used as a natural aphrodisiac to improve libido, fertility, stamina, and ease PMS symptoms during periods. If consumed in adequate amounts, Anjeer can help improve bone health, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, relieve constipation, maintain regular bowel movements.


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The Appropriate Dose Of Anjeer Depends On Several Factors Such As The User's Age, Health, And Several Other Conditions. At This Time There Is Not Enough Scientific Information To Determine An Appropriate Range Of Doses For Anjeer. As Prescribed By The Doctor.


Helpful In Delayed Period, Burn Ulcers, Constipation, Indigestion, Piles, Diabetes, Cough, Bronchitis, And Delayed Periods - Boil The Roots Of The Fig And Take The Decoction, Filtered For A Few Weeks To Set The Cycle Urinary Stones And Dysuria- Boil Figs In Water To Get A Decoction. Take An Ounce Or Two Of This Decoction Twice A Day To Set Right Urinary Disorders And To Melt Small Burn Ulcers - Boil The Bark Of Fig In Water Along With Neem, Mango And Peepal Barks. This Decoction Is Very Useful To Wash And Soothe Ulcers Caused By Build Resistance - Take A Dry Fig Fruit Or Two Everyday To Build Body Resistance And For Your Natural Daily Requirement Of Anaemia - Due To The Iron-rich Content Of Fig, It Is Ideal To Include It In One's Diet In Hyperacidity - The Burnt Ash Of The Fig Fruit Is Highly Basic In Nature And Can Be Consumed A Tsp Before Meals To Counter Worm Infestation - The Enzyme Ficin Present In The Fig Latex Is Responsible For Its Anthelmintic Activity And Can Be Given With Great Benefit In Worm Infestations Especially Ascaris And Tricharus Leucoderma - Fig Is Used In White Spots On Skin As It Contains A Chemical "Furocoumarin" Which Is Responsible For This Action. A Person Suffering From This Disease Is Advised To Take Fig In Any Form For 2/3 Amoebiasis - Sherbat Or Ark Anjir Available In The Market Is Used To Cure Amoebiasis.

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