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Isabgol Bhoosi | bhusi

Isabgol relieves constipation, reduces cholesterol levels, and aids in weight loss.


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Isabgol is an Ayurvedic remedy used for ages to treat various health problems. It relieves constipation, reduces cholesterol levels, and aids in weight loss. In Ayurveda, it is used to treat diarrhoea and improve digestion. It is also useful in lowering blood sugar and insulin resistance. Isabgol is the best natural remedy to treat acidity and improve gut health. Dosage-as directed by a physician. It directly targets the root cause of the disease and is quite effective in relieving the symptoms soon after indigestion. There are very few chances of the reoccurrence of the symptoms or the disease itself. As it is a herbal remedy, there are a few to none side effects. It is extensively used in the treatment because of its availability as well as cost-effectiveness. It is advised to take controlled dosages only after consulting your doctor for people of all age groups.


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5-10 Gms Twice A Day According To Need With A Glass Of Water, Milk And Fruit Juice And As Directed By Physician.


Cures Constipation,diarrhea,acidity,cleanse Colon.weight Loss,promote Digestion,control Diabetes,curing Piles And Fissures. 1. Joint Pain : Binding On Pultush (Brood) Sufferer Of Isabgol Provides Benefits In Joint Pain. 2. Breathing Or Asthma: After A Year Or 6 Months Continuously Consuming 2 Teaspoons Of Asafugol Husk In The Morning Every Evening, All Kinds Of Respiratory Diseases Are Removed. By Taking 6 Months To 2 Years, Old Asthma Disease Of 20 To 22 Years Also Goes Away From This Experiment. Take 1-1 Spoonful Of Isabgol Husk With Milk For Continuous Morning And Evening For A Few Months, It Provides Relief In Asthma. 3. Burning Of Urine: Soak 3 Spoons Of Asbigol Husk In 1 Glass Water And Add Buura (Sugar Or Sugar) According To The Taste And Drink It Removes Irritation Of Urine. 4. Burning Of Stomach: 200 Grams Put Ashbug In 100 Ml Water. In The Morning After Mixing This Mixture, Filtering And Mixing It Mixed Together, The Heat Of The Brain, Burning Of Blood And Burning Sensation Of The Stomach Is Destroyed.

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Isabgol Husk

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