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Should I Be Worried If My Testicle Is Swollen?


Should I Be Worried If My Testicle Is Swollen?

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal

Dr. Shivani Nautiyal is a renowned Ayurvedic physician, Panchakarma therapies specialist, and detox expert who has made significant contributions to the field of natural holistic healing and wellness. With her profound knowledge, expertise, and compassionate approach, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals seeking holistic health solutions. She is a Panchakarma expert, which are ancient detoxification and rejuvenation techniques. She believes in the power of Ayurveda to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Are you worried about your swollen testicle? Are they painful? Do you observe any hardness in your testicle? If the response is yes, then you've arrived at the appropriate page. In this article, we will discuss testicular pain treatment at home and herbal medicines that effectively treat swollen testicles.

Testicular Pain: How does it occur?

The male reproductive system is not complete without the testicle. These are the glands that create sperm and testosterone. Infection of the urinary tract in men is often a rare occurrence, but inflammation or infection of one or both of a man's testicles is a common illness that should never be disregarded. Their health and fertility may suffer as a result. 

Typically, testicular pain is a symptom of infections that affect the testicle. This condition is an inflammatory condition that results in a swollen testis. The primary symptom, severe pain, might manifest rapidly since testicular pain typically has an acute phase. One or both testicles may experience pain, and this discomfort may radiate to the groin region as well. 

The bacteria that cause testis pain include:

  • Escherichia coli,
  • Staphylococcus, and
  • Streptococcus 

Additionally, the mumps virus can infect children and produce enlarged testicles. Boys in particular need to have the mumps vaccine before age 10, as youngsters with swollen testes may experience a condition called testicular atrophy, which is the shrinking of the testicle.

Causes of Swollen Testicle

Listed below are some causes of the swollen testicle:

  • Epididymitis: inflammation of the tubes that attach to the testis.
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Mumps: a viral infection that can inflame the testicle
  • Orchitis: inflammation typically occurs in only one testicle
  • Infection of the scrotal sac
  • Spermatocele: a cyst in the scrotum
  • Trauma or injury to the testicle
  • Varicocele: a condition in which blood pools in the scrotum
  • Hydrocele: swelling in the scrotum resulting from fluid build-up

Testicular cancer can also result in a swollen testis, however, this is extremely uncommon. Additional indications of testicular cancer can include:

  • A hard, painless testicular lump.
  • Swelling or a heavy sensation in the scrotum.
  • Pain in the scrotum, stomach, and lower back.

Symptoms of Swollen Testicle

Listed below are some symptoms of the swollen testicle:

  • Swelling of one or both testicles
  • Pain ranging from mild to severe
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • A general feeling of unwellness (malaise)
  • Tenderness or infection in the scrotum
  • Pain while ejaculating
  • Pain while urinating
  • Blood in your semen
  • Abnormal discharge
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin

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When should you see a doctor?

Call your doctor for an appointment if:

  • you feel a bump or lump on your scrotum.
  • you become feverish.
  • you feel your scrotum is sore, heated, or red.
  • you've recently come into contact with someone who is mumps-positive.

You should seek emergency medical attention if your testicular pain:

  • is sudden or severe.
  • it occurs along with nausea or vomiting.
  • is caused by an injury that pains or if swelling appears after one hour.

Dietary Guidance in Testicular Pain

Food that should be avoided

The following foods should be included in the treatment of testicular pain at home: 

  • Sweets, sugary foods, and artificial sweeteners
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods
  • White flour products
  • Fast foods
  • Hydrogenated, trans fat, deep-fried, greasy foods
  • Margarine
  • Sodas
  • Spicy food; onions, pepper, mustard, and fennel

Food that should be taken

The following foods should be included for the treatment of testicular pain at home: 

1. Inflammation-fighting foods for testicle:

  • Spinach
  • Blueberries (jamun)
  • Strawberries and other flavonoid-rich foods

2. Vitamin C-rich foods for testicular health:

  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Bitter melon
  • Tomatoes

3. Fibre-rich testis foods:

  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Celery (Ajwain)

4. Whole grains, Nuts, Beans, Walnuts, Flaxseeds, and Pumpkin seeds.

Testicular pain treatment at home / Home remedies 

1. Use of Rasaut and Harad
For this remedy, take a pinch of Rasaut and Harad powder in equal parts. Then, add some mustard oil to it and apply the paste around your testicle. This is one of the best at-home remedies for swollen testicles and will bring you great comfort.

2. Use of Cumin and Carom seeds
For this treatment, take 1 spoon each of cumin and carom seeds. Make a paste by thoroughly grinding both ingredients and adding a little warm water. Apply this paste around your testicle as needed. This remedy helps in relieving testicle swelling and soreness.

3. Use of Cinnamon
For this treatment, drink half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of water every morning and evening. This will be very advantageous to you. This treatment aids in providing comfort from the discomfort associated with testicular inflammation in any area of the body and will also help in getting rid of the issue of testicular pain.

4. Use of Ginger
Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, ginger is a common ingredient in vegetable dishes. For this remedy, mix 2 teaspoons of honey with 3-5 tablespoons of ginger juice and drink this juice. This will help you get relief from the pain in the testicle.

Testicular pain treatment at home

Unani Medicines for Testicular Pain Treatment at Home

The following are top recommended Herbal/ Unani medicines for testicular pain:

1. New Shama-Kushta Qalai

It gives strength to testis pain and also gives strength to the area around it. 

Dosage: Take 1 tsp with milk at bedtime.

2. Rex-Majun Anjdan Khas

It reduces swelling and pain. 

Dosage: Take 1 tsp twice a day.

Unani Medicines for Testicular Pain Treatment at Home


Testicular pain (Orchitis) is a curable disease. In most circumstances, it is safe and manageable, but it shouldn't be ignored. Early intervention will make the treatment less challenging. In some situations, prompt medical attention may be necessary to prevent permanent harm. Seek immediate medical attention, in particular, if you feel discomfort or discharge coming from your penis. In the absence of this, there is a chance of infertility or testicular atrophy. You can recover in a few weeks with prompt treatment and proper hygiene.

Consult our expert, Dr. Asfiya Najmi (Unani consultant and Practitioner), at HealthyBazar for more information and to receive appropriate treatment for testicular pain from a doctor. From HealthyBazar, you can also buy the top Herbal, Ayurvedic, and Unani medicines and products from a variety of brands. Additionally, it is advised to avoid self-medication and to buy medications only after seeing a specialist.

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